Rugged Interconnects for Harsh Environments eBook

normally the primary limiting factor in demanding conditions. Materials must be chosen to support the widest ambient temperature range (from –55°C to 125°C) and withstand temperature peaks during assembly, even those generated during vapor phase soldering, while complying with the rail market requirements for fire and smoke.

To gain assurance that the connector’s quality is suitable for current rail and industrial standards and that it can maintain exceptional connectivity for devices in high-speed trains or other harsh environment markets, it must hold up through tests of reasonable duration that simulate the service conditions seen throughout its expected life. These tests include endurance, contact retention and resistance, insertion loss, salt spray, dry heat bake, and fire resistance.

CONNECTORS FOR SPACE Space applications are a perfect example of the importance of unrivalled performance in critical environments. Interconnect solutions for space must meet the reliability and efficient design needs of today’s satellite and spacecraft challenges. Space satellites are moving away from RF analog-based Smith’s Interconnect’s new Intercompact series is a lightweight, compact signal and Ethernet PCB connector specifically designed to provide a stable connection in demanding rail and industrial applications. The Intercompact series has been qualified in compliance with the main European railway standards.

CONNECTORS FOR RAIL AND INDUSTRY Connectors must meet the main European railway standards (EN45545-2, NF F61030, EN50155:2017, STM-S-001ind.D, and more) and comply with MIL-C-28748 and MIL-STD-202-301 standards and EIA and IEC standards for contact resistance and environmental testing. The shape of the contact sleeve in Smiths Interconnect’s Hypertac socket is formed by hyperbolically arranged contact wires, which align themselves elastically as contact lines around the pin to provide multiple linear contact paths, giving the product immunity to shock and vibration.


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