Rugged Interconnects for Harsh Environments eBook

Smiths Interconnect’s SpaceNXT initiative is a full range of higher reliability products for next-generation space applications with a lower cost of ownership.

payloads that provide low-speed telecommunication signaling to a new Digital Transparent Processor (DTP) architecture for high throughput satellites. DTP architectures increase the demand for rugged and higher speed connectivity. Satellite manufacturers often use large singular printed circuit boards featuring very high value components. The solderless PCB mount design that the NXS Series provides, for example, can be placed and replaced with very low risk to the customer’s board, reducing the cost of ownership. The connector is mounted after reflow and has no impact on nearby components. Each product is engineered using 3D electromagnetic simulation (EM) software to provide excellent performance in a total thin film process. Smiths Interconnect’s NXS Series is an advanced high- speed, high-density interconnect equipped with the proven Hypertac hyperboloid contact technology to withstand data rate application requirements up to 10 Gb/s (per channel), including extreme levels of vibration, shock, and climatic testing above 2100 G. The NXS Series is designed in a robust construction with 4 or 12 high speed quadrax modules containing 2 dual twinax at 100 Ω each pair. This ultra-high contact density and compact form factor allow the customer to make a 90˚ transition within a very small footprint. It is blind mateable, hot pluggable, with ultra-low mating forces, and low outgassing materials.

Meeting those industry needs requires high-speed, high-density interconnects that can provide next- generation data on demand and can withstand high data rate application requirements, including extreme levels of vibration, shock, and climatic testing above 2100 G. To be qualified, they must meet rigorous testing and performance criteria ESCC 3401, ESCC 3402, ECSS-Q-ST-70C, ECSS-Q- ST-70-02, ECSS-Q-ST-70-08C, ECSS-Q-ST-70-38C, and ECSS-Q-70-71. The selection of rugged, qualified, and dependable materials combined with proven, reliable, and flexible contact technology and full compliance to industry standards is critical to creating successful connectivity solutions for the challenges presented by space.

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