Rugged Interconnects for Harsh Environments eBook

without the risk of reduced performance. Due to their inherent material characteristics, threaded connectors made of stainless steel rather than brass can be torqued up more tightly to offer greater resistance to force and vibration. The locking mechanism also helps minimize the impact of shock and vibration on a connection. A secure locking mechanism helps the connector maintain signal integrity under these challenging conditions. Select threaded or bayonet options, which provide positive mating and a constant signal path. BNC, TNC, SMA, and N-Type RF connector variants feature a silicone gasket that helps protect the locking mechanism against vibration. This additional level of security makes them more suitable for industrial applications than push- fit designs, which are more likely to spin during vibration and degrade connector performance.

IP67 AND IP68 CONNECTORS HELP PROTECT AGAINST WATER AND DIRT INGRESS Select a design with the appropriate ingress protection (IP) rating for connectors that will be subjected to liquid, steam, or dust. All these SMA IP68 Stainless-Steel Right-Angle Plug-to-Jack Adaptor. This SMA adaptor permits a tighter torque and its integrated silicone gasket helps protect the locking mechanism against vibration.


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