Rugged Interconnects for Harsh Environments eBook

connectors for intercom or radio systems, larger connectors with high contact density for rugged PCs, and versatile USB Type-Cs for transmission of high- speed data, video, pictures, or energy.

presented by the military markets. These diverse connectors are used in soldier infotainment devices. They support high-volume, high-speed data transmission needed by vetronics systems. They control navigation, communications, and observation systems. They are critical to power networks, military vehicle motorization, and weapon systems, as well as the networking of these systems. By offering innovative, rugged, and reliable connectivity solutions that meet the requirements of harsh environments, connector suppliers support military missions with products that will perform in every operation, under every condition.

CMA connectors for harsh environments are available in different sizes and configurations: CMASD (small dimension), CMALD (large dimension with 36 pins), CMA 22 contacts, and CMA-USBC.

The world of circular connectors for harsh environments continues to serve the challenges

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