Rugged Interconnects for Harsh Environments eBook

Floating contacts can compensate for alignment errors up to ± 0.7 mm in both the X- and Y-axis directions, as well as ± 0.75 mm tolerance between the boards in the Z direction. This floating feature absorbs misalignment during board installation and mounting. Because the spring portion of the terminal absorbs assembly errors, it reduces the need for corrective re-work operations. The floating contact system is ideal for HEV and EV drivetrain systems that require multiple connectors to be used on the same board.

HEVs and EVs are already offering longer ranges, more horsepower, lower emissions, less maintenance, and lower long-term costs, and car buyers are responding. Connector manufacturers continue to develop innovative interconnect solutions to support advancements in EV powertrains. These connectors offer reliable and durable operation with

In addition, the floating contact system, like the one found in Hirose’s FX26 Series board-to-board connector, increases reliability by reducing the stress on solder joints caused by misaligned connectors. The floating design also enhances durability by preventing solder cracking.

enhanced functionality and features — all in small and lightweight packages. HEV and EV connector solutions simplify design, ease assembly, and improve end-product performance.

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