Rugged Interconnects for Harsh Environments eBook

ALTW’s outdoor products can always be used for indoor applications but not the other way around. Meanwhile, some indoor applications require special plastic types that emit less smoke and zero toxic fumes when combusted. This requirement is quite common in the LED lighting market and its horticulture sub-segment.

operating environment. In the automotive industry, most of these are from fuels and oils. Thus, the materials should have at least a good rating; lower ratings mean the product may deteriorate quickly. The four main parameters are interdependent in the sense that the final selection of materials to be used in the product’s design depends on the data for these parameters – the material should satisfy the specifications for electrical, mechanical,

environmental, and chemical. These comprise the underlying foundation for producing products that meet the specialized requirements of a particular market. Without this, the ruggedized connector will not be a success.

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