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factor means that they take up only minimal board space, leaving plenty of room for other devices. The four-finger beryllium copper contacts incorporated into Harwin Datamate connectors allow them to maintain a constant connection with their corresponding mating surfaces. The contacts in a standard Datamate mating pair can carry up to 3 A of current, while Datamate Mix-Tek contacts are 40 A rated. The advanced locking features achieve industry-leading mating retention.

View of rocket used to deploy multiple satellites (image courtesy of GK Launch Services)

Given that the UNISAT-7 needed to remain operational for up to five years, the ongoing reliability of the interconnect technology had to be beyond doubt. After sampling and testing connectors from a variety of different manufacturers, GAUSS engineers decided that using the Harwin Datamate series would be the best approach. Datamate and Datamate Mix-Tek connectors have been very effective in spaceborne equipment. These high-reliability components are robust enough to cope with the difficult conditions posed by space launches. They can withstand 20 G vibrations and 100 G shocks, plus temperatures up to 125°C. Their compact form

Connectors visible in the PCB stack of a small satellite (image courtesy of Gauss Srl)

The low outgassing that these connectors exhibit is another important benefit. The molded plastic material has a 1.01% total mass loss (TML) and a collected volatile condensable material (CVCM) figure of less than 0.01% when placed in the vacuum of space.

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