Rugged Interconnects for Harsh Environments eBook

VALUE-ADD SERVICES For an application that needs additional features or a more turnkey solution, finding the right housing is only part of the search. Incorporating printing, laser marking, the milling of component cutouts, coatings to add extra shielding, or the integration of connectors may be necessary. Partnering with a manufacturer that has customization capabilities can be a great value. PRICE Protecting equipment in harsh environments is critical to the devices’ long-term functionalities. Weighing different options for enclosures and connectivity can consume valuable time, as you sift through the myriad choices and configurations. Working with a partner that specializes in connectivity and housing solutions can ensure confidence by providing the most cost-effective options for your needs.

ACCESSIBILITY Will your device need to be physically accessed or serviced in the field? Enclosures incorporating PCB locking mechanisms can alleviate the risk of the board falling or getting damaged. Tools options that suit the service conditions should be selected: • Tool-free: If there is a need for quick access to the internals of the housing, a toolless design may be the right choice. This would involve side clips or tabs actuated by hand. Tool-free connections should also ensure a proper seal when latched. • Screw access: The most popular access option for device enclosures tends to be with screws. The intuitive feature is easy to use. Incorporating captive screws ensures that you won’t lose one at the least desirable time. Keep in mind that proper sealing in a harsh environment hinges on the screw meeting the manufacturer’s torque specifications. It will also prevent screws from being stripped.

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