Rugged Interconnects for Harsh Environments eBook

versions, that address the specific needs of land, aeronautics, and naval designs.

With the wide range of available circular connector designs, engineering teams must be able to identify the ideal versions of these connectors to meet the specific needs of the equipment under design. The design and assembly of the complete system must be considered, noting such factors as the possible need to integrate electronic modules in the connector shell to carry wireless functions; the mating number count; integration with memory, converter, and data processors; as well as encryption, filtering, and authentication processes.

CONDITIONS OF USE The choice of a connector range for harsh environments must meet the constraints and requirements of the field. This typically includes resistance to humidity, salt mist or fog, corrosion, temperature variations, shock, vibration, and dust. They must also be able to connect and disconnect reliably with ergonomic push-pull, threaded, and bayonet locking systems that enable easy maintenance in field conditions. Options to reinforce or improve the connector’s EMC specifications can be implemented for applications used in harsh environments. WIDE RANGES OF CONNECTORS To meet the needs of a diverse range of applications used in harsh environments, it is essential to work with a supplier that offers connectors that can be configured in many sizes and numbers of contacts, among other criteria. Look for a supplier that offers small connectors for head-end equipment, standard circular connectors are ideal for use in harsh environment conditions such those found in military applications. They have performed reliably in tropical forests, deserts, snowy mountains, and onboard ships. BERNIER created, in 1982, the first version of CMA connectors and 40 years later, CMA connectors are available with 4 to 22 contacts or USB Type-C interfaces, and in small dimensions with 8 contacts or in large dimensions with 36 contacts. Bernier’s push-pull or quick-releasable

The integration of the PCB and electronics modules into BERNIER circular connectors increases functionality.

EMC REINFORCEMENTS Options are available to reinforce the EMC specifications of connectors. For example, standard receptacles can be equipped with a ground ring to achieve a higher EMC level. This addition improves continuity between the connector shell and inserts and increases protection to 360°. The commonly specified fluorosilicone O-ring can also be upgraded to a conductive version to establish better conductivity between the connector and the panel. One or several ground pins inserted in the connector shell can be set to easily link the chassis ground directly to the PCB ground.


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