Rugged Interconnects for Harsh Environments eBook

insertion loss are achieved through controlled optical circuit routing derived from computer numerical control (CNC) machines. OF circuits can manage high fiber counts in small spaces, accommodating up to 12 layers stacked and up to six fiber crossings. Flat OF cable can even be mounted on flat surfaces of a satellite’s payload exteriors. In eVTOL aircraft applications, OF cable is easily routed in innovative airframe geometries. The flat, robust profile supports tight bend radii and single- mode and multimode applications. Multiple options in cable assembly design, connectorization, and routing can maximize performance in a tailored, form-fitting solution. 3D printing can even be employed to shape interconnects as required.

TE Connectivity’s EB16 expanded beam optical pin and socket termini

A comparison of physical contact (PC) and expanded beam (EB) fiber optic connector features.

OPTICAL FLEX FIBER MOVES ROBUSTNESS TO A NEW LEVEL Both satellite and eVTOL applications can utilize relatively new optical flex (OF) technology, which encapsulates individual fibers in a thin, protective film embedded within a rugged, flexible substrate. In satellites, OF circuits comprised of hundreds, even thousands of individual fibers enable high-density routing of fiber optic channels in backplanes and systems. The circuits can be customized to meet card- to-card and backplane requirements. Crossovers minimize stress while accommodating complex routing arrangements. Added durability and low

TE Connectivity’s Optical Flex Circuit Cable Assemblies

ENABLING A RUGGED END-TO-END FIBER- OPTIC SOLUTION In a fiber-optic network, a transceiver converts electrical signals to optical (light) signals and optical signals to electrical signals. It is either plugged into or embedded in another device within a data network that sends and receives signals. In large commercial aircraft, fiber and copper can coexist in many applications by selecting appropriate media converters, transceivers, and hybrid termini.


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