Rugged Interconnects for Harsh Environments eBook

only parts that must handle these conditions. The internal components of the equipment and the connector itself need to be rugged as well. Both the external housing and internal components are rigorously tested and qualified to ensure that they can handle any environment that soldiers or their equipment may encounter. SIZE & SPEED Reduced size and weight of the military systems, paired with the ever-increasing demand for faster data exchange rates in telecommunication networks, have driven the demand for high-speed electronics and passive components. As a result, system designers face extensive challenges, most notably in the preservation of high-speed signal integrity through system stacks. To maximize communication speeds, the design of high-speed systems requires technology offering the greatest data rate for each architecture level (boards, contacts, connectors, and cables).


CYBERSECURITY Just as companies need to protect their data from hackers looking to steal information, the military needs to protect its network against cyberattacks from enemies. Cybersecurity is achieved through a combination of physical precautions, software solutions, and password strategies. The military must take precise steps to ensure its network is secure. Providing proprietary interfaces to connectors that differ from the standard commercial interfaces helps make the military network more secure. The µCom, which is offered for both Cat 6A/Cat 7 Ethernet and USB 3.0 signals uses an interface that differs from the standard commercial interface and adds another layer of security which decreases the risk of an enemy hacking into the system. Commonly used standard USB-A or RJ45 ports make it much easier for the enemy to hack. Utilizing locking devices reduces the risk of intrusion into the electronics through the connectors.

uCom: Amphenol Socapex µCom series is a new range of connectors designed to address the latest trends of the industry: miniaturization and high speed, with the highest resistance for use in the harshest environments. µCom has a maximum 15 mm external diameter and is also offered as TVµCom, where it is inserted in a size 11 MIL-DTL-38999 series 3 shell.


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