Rugged Interconnects for Harsh Environments eBook

The TLMP/TLMB connector retains the small form factor of the SMP and adds improved environmental, shielding, and power capabilities, with a frequency range from DC to 60 GHz. A positive locking feature with visible green (locked) and red (unlocked) color coding prevents de-mating under vibration and shock. At the same time, the high-power/high- voltage design overlaps the insulators, cutting off a direct path to the ground from the center conductor to the outer shield to enable higher-power or higher- voltage functionality. The connector’s slots are also entirely covered with the mating part, preventing signal leakage, thus improving EMI and EMC. The TLMP has a latching mechanism that significantly improves mating retention, making it a better option than SMPs that use threaded bodies or similar designs that have attempted to overcome the problems of traditional SMP connectors. The mating connectors are also designed for board-level mounting, including a version with a fully shrouded tine protection design, the TLMB.

aerospace. Areas where EMI may be an issue, such as shipboard or aircraft applications, need an environmentally sealed and shielded connector. While an SMP is at risk of disconnection in high- vibration environments such as aircraft carriers or weapons launches, a locking miniature push-on connector provides a reliable and secure connection. Today’s challenging RF applications require a new generation of interconnect solutions that can ensure high reliability, high resistance to vibration, and high density. Innovations in this area include multiport, locking miniature push-on, and locking miniature blind mate connectors. When it comes to selecting RF cables and connectors, partnering with a supplier whose engineers can design an optimized solution for the application’s unique needs will produce better electrical, mechanical, and environmental performance, as well as easier handling in the field. Look for a supplier with a long history of building quality cable assemblies and connectors, along with the skill, processes, techniques, and materials to bring custom solutions to life.

The TLMP/TLMB was created for high-reliability, high-vibration environments such as military and

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