Rugged Interconnects for Harsh Environments eBook




The Amphenol Sine DuraMate Connector 31-position female plug is durable and functional with a wide thread and size 16 socket contacts. Operating at 13A this plug is powerful and protected with an IP67-rated standard seal. Mates with AHDP04- 24-31P.

HDA Adaptors allow for internal MTP box solutions to transition into expanded beam. The adaptors are available in several expanded beam connector styles, with jam nut and square flange options, for transition from a controlled environment to an uncontrolled harsh environment, while protecting the MTP interface.

TNC 50 straight plug 2-part contact design allows the center conductor to slide within the connector. The Easy-Fit Anti-Piston contact is quickly assembled with no need for tooling. The outer braid is crimped with a long sleeve for additional support. The screw coupling enables use up to 11GHz in harsh environments.




N Type 50 ohm rugged plug is a screw coupled, midsized connector. IP68-sealed to 10 meters x 4 hours unmated and IP68 mated or unmated when using a top hat clamp system. The crimp bullet contact and center contact are silver-plated and the outer body is white bronze for use in harsh environment.

Compliant with MIL-STD-810 and MIL-STD-202, the NATO STANAG 4695 compatible, rugged UltiMate 80 offers high resistance to corrosion; up to 10K mating cycles for the plug / 5K for the receptacle; random vibration 7.7 Grms; shock resistance; cable bending resistance; -55°C to +135°C; triple key coding; and IP68 sealing.

High-density, miniature, ultra-rugged Fischer MiniMax Series: tested to MIL-Specs, 3 locking systems, up to 5K mating cycles; 1K hours salt-mist spray; -40°C to +135°C; 360° EMC shielding; USB 2.0, USB 3.0, Ethernet, HDMI; blind mating; easy handling; IP68 sealing 20m/24h mated and unmated.




Floating connectors with spring-like terminals in the separated interior and exterior insulators can withstand misalignment in X, Y, and Z axes. This allows for a high level of shock and vibration resistance. The compact design with high pin spacing can be effectively used in the inter-board of a PCB.

The Seal-Connect portfolio features FC DRY HP and ST DRY HP connectors. This series is intended for performance in harsh environments tested in temperatures from -55°C to 85°C. All FC and ST connectors have passed immersion and heat/humidity tests with typical light loss less than 0.5 dB per connector.

Seal-Connect multi-pin connectors are injection-molded and designed to maximize electrical reliability and withstand continuous conditions up to 35,000 psi and 232°C (450°F). Custom multi-pin connectors are available in a variety of body types and pin counts, including bidirectional and bootable connectors.


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