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reconnected. Every time the connector is separated and reconnected creates an opportunity for it to be inadvertently damaged. Coupled with the need for rugged construction is the ever-increasing requirement for consistent high-rate transfer with very high signal integrity under the harshest of environmental, temperature, and vibration conditions. HIGH-TEMPERATURE CONNECTORS (THE HOTTER, THE BETTER) High-temperature applications are among the most challenging for harsh-duty connectors. High-temperature connectors require intricate specialized designs and materials to meet the exacting specifications for reliable, high-fidelity signals for critical operations in high-temperature environments. The mission profiles for high- temperature connectors include applications in high heat zones inherent to engine environments, oil exploration and geothermal environments, solar panels, power generation, industrial, and military/defense applications. Common interfaces are probes, signal transfer devices, thermocouples, and pressure transducers. High-temperature connectors are frequently configured to fit in industry-standard MIL- DTL-38999 or EN2997 connector shells variably

sized for two or three contacts. The MIL-DTL-38999 is the most common industry standard and details a temperature range -65 °C to +200 °C.

CarlisleIT Ultra High Temperature Connectors

Certain EN2997 specification connectors will support the maximum 260 °C temperature supported by the specification. Some connector manufacturers cite a 300 °C maximum temperature for their high-temperature products. One leading manufacturer of custom connectors can supply an ultra-high-temperature EN2667 connector with a 405 °C maximum continuous duty, 450 °C maximum limit connector (greater than double the MIL-DTL-38999 high limit specification), and 145 °C higher than the standard EN2667 specification. The materials used for a high-temperature connector need to be physically durable and dimensionally stable in high-heat environments. Titanium is an optimal shell material offering superior corrosion resistance, conductivity, and

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