Harsh Environment / Remote Locations

CORROSION PROTECTION Corrosion protection is mainly a function of the material used for the manufacture of the connector or the backshell in a shielded system. Specialized plastics or metal shielding (usually stainless steel or aluminum) are available and capable of withstanding corrosion. OPERATING TEMPERATURE Some applications must operate in temperature ranges of extreme cold or extreme heat, making the materials used for the connectors a primary consideration. The following results, which are not all-inclusive, could occur if the incorrect material is used in manufacturing the D-sub.

Exploded view of Waterproof Power Combo D-Sub Connector Assembly emphasizing some waterproofing subcomponents.

Contaminant exposure requires a minimum IP rating of IP50 for dust or IP67 for water ingress. To address continuous water exposure including higher-pressure applications, an increase to IP68/69 for D-sub connector options is recommended.

Melting . Housing and contact materials can


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