Harsh Environment / Remote Locations

MATING CYCLES The harshest environment or remote location applications do not usually require many connection cycles, but they should still be considered. The number of cycles, or the number of times expected to reconnect a connector in the application, is primarily determined by the contact plating as this plating, usually gold, wears over time with use. Another consideration for mating cycles is the spring force on the contact, if applicable. D-sub connector applications with low cycle expectations could use a gold flash option whereas an application with high cycle expectations would

require an increased plating thickness to ensure a longer useful life.

Ultimately, when designing for harsh environments and remote locations, the best course is to determine the application challenges before deciding which D-sub connector assembly to use. This will avoid overbuilding a D-sub connector assembly and unnecessarily increasing costs. For design suggestions and additional considerations for unpredictable weather conditions in a harsh environment or remote location, contact a highly experienced manufacturing engineering team.

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