Harsh Environment / Remote Locations

to come loose when towing the towers on or off road, or from the towers’ height and potential wind speeds in the field. The assemblers are very mechanically oriented. While they have a basic understanding of the electrical side, it is not their specialty. Hall said that having the ability “to just connect and screw down is a huge gain for them. They can get just about anybody in their shop to do that. They don’t have to worry about relying on the one or two guys in their shop who have enough knowledge to pull it off.” So far, Tower Solutions has sent out more than 100 of the new towers and has the potential to build many more. The end customer assembles the

systems on-site, and Hall said they’ve been happy with the ease of the new connection solution.

“The wiring time has gone from three days to maybe three or four hours,” he said. “The new connectors have interfaces that easily match up, so it only takes a couple of hours. When they’re trying to crank out three a week, they can’t have one guy spending three days terminating wires at the final customer.”

He concluded, “In the end, it’s about saving time.”

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