Harsh Environment / Remote Locations

SAFETY Reach out for help when cell service is not available. Hikers who get lost or injured in a remote area can connect to emergency rescue services. FINANCIAL SERVICES Send and receive money online. Safely connect with a bank remotely when it may not be safe to visit the bank in person. Invest in opportunities that aren’t available without an internet connection. ENTERTAINMENT Watch movies, listen to music, or watch a child’s sporting event when it’s not possible to be there in person. RUGGED CONNECTIONS FOR A TRULY CONNECTED WORLD Delivering global internet access is a monumental task that will generate a tremendous amount of data. It requires high-speed connectors, ruggedized fiber-optic solutions, interconnects, backplane connectors, sensor technology, and wire and cable that connect the subsystems on LEO satellites and in ground stations to keep the flow of data moving as quickly and efficiently as possible. As countries and companies rush to invest in LEO connectivity programs, TE is positioned to deliver the critical components needed to build these virtual highways around the world.

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