Rugged Interconnects for Harsh Environments eBook

They won’t stand up to anything more than a very slight physical impact without suffering from a bent shell, broken plastic insulator, or damaged electrical termination to the equipment they are part of, damage that would render them inoperative. They certainly are not designed to prevent liquids or dust from getting into the equipment they are mounted to, which could lead to permanent damage.

Ruggedized versions of commodity interfaces give manufacturers the benefit of using connectors that are designed, tested, and qualified for a given environmental application, and the confidence that their finished product will be reliable. High- performance, ruggedized variants of standards- based connector interface solutions provide tangible value. Ruggedized USB connectors are available in single and multiport versions with single-piece die-cast housings allowing easily customized mounting configurations to be created. Standard varieties cannot be easily sealed, and the stamped metal housings are easily damaged.

For success, ruggedized versions must address these design criteria:

1. Maintain the standard mating interface so that they can be used with any standard cables, just like the non-ruggedized versions. 2. Maintain the original form factor as much as

A piece of mobile equipment incorporating ruggedized, sealed standard interface connectors. These connectors allow standard IP20 cables to be connected, while still protecting the equipment from dust and moisture, and shock and vibration.


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