Rugged Interconnects for Harsh Environments eBook

A fundamental aspect of the design required to ensure a completely leakproof connector is the sealing between the various assembled components, and between the connector body and the mounting panel of the equipment. This is typically accomplished using a combination of internal and external molded elastomeric gaskets, and in some cases potting materials to provide a watertight bond and seal. The design and material properties of the gaskets are critical to ensure the connector can withstand the temperature excursions, mechanical vibration and shock, and exposure to fluids and airborne particulates, common features of Industrial 4.0 harsh environments. The resulting connector designs are typically rated as IP66, IP67, or IP68, providing protection against varying types of fluid incursion in the form of immersion and water jets of different pressures and temperatures, as well as particulate or dust penetration. The same principles and similar techniques are applied to other interfaces developed for industrial and related applications. Medical applications include expensive equipment and portable devices that may be used in the field, or even taken home

for use by recovering patients. Handheld devices used in the outdoors or other places where they could be dropped, splashed upon, submerged, or otherwise treated roughly also benefit from the use of ruggedized, sealed versions of standard connector interfaces, often also incorporating integrated sealing covers to protect the interface itself when it is not mated. In particular, the development of fully networked automated manufacturing and processing environments is driving the creation of new, smaller interfaces for the abundance of sensors, actuators, and other Ethernet-connected devices, many of which require similar levels of environmental protection. While new interfaces such as single-pair Ethernet and ix Industrial are being used in addition to the ubiquitous RJ, D-Sub, or USB, the need for sealed, ruggedized versions is constantly growing, and ultimately, Industry 4.0 is driving the need for high-performance variants of standard commercial connector interface solutions.

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