Rugged Interconnects for Harsh Environments eBook

Water and moisture present in automation environments can also impact robots’ reliability. Components and systems must be appropriately protected from moisture and particulate ingress. The IP67 standard is designated for components that have been designed to withstand exposure to fluids. The IP69K standard indicates that a component has been designed to withstand moisture plus high pressure and high temperatures, which can occur during some processes in which pressurized water is used to clean or decontaminate equipment. Finally, robotics engineers must protect equipment from electromagnetic interference (EMI). On the factory floor, motor and motor control functions on robots produce EMI, as does electrical welding and other equipment in the area. This interference can corrupt or distort data, reduce productivity, and even damage equipment. Shielding connectors and cables is an important consideration in designing systems that can operate in complex electronic environments. DEDICATED INDUSTRIAL CONNECTIVITY SOLUTIONS Heavy duty connectors (HDC) can help engineers meet both the requirements and the challenges of building robots for harsh industrial environments. Built in a rugged housing and designed to transmit power, data, and signal, HDCs help guarantee

safe, reliable, and productive operation of robots in the toughest conditions. Industrial RJ45 cable connectors, for example, provide a similar interface to standard RJ45 connectors in a more rugged and shock-resistant design. Modular HDCs are an ideal complement to hybrid cable systems, as they provide the ability to create a component that matches the exact needs of a unique or flexible design. TE Connectivity’s range of HDCs features specialized termination technologies that reduce the work and time needed to install, maintain, or upgrade electronic systems in harsh environments. This ease of use increases installer productivity and reduces the impact of maintenance. • HDC HMN modular connector system: Modular solution used to transmit power, signal, and data in harsh environment and industrial markets, including industrial automation, automotive, and rail. Modular format enables easy interface configuration. • HDD/HEEE/HQ rectangular insert series: High- density solution with a space-saving and compact design for use in harsh environment applications. • EMC Version Hoods and Housings: Ruggedized component protection with 360° EMI protection and IP68 sealing.

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