Rugged Interconnects for Harsh Environments eBook




Latching Nano-D connectors offer the same rugged high-reliability performance as standard Nano-D connectors while eliminating the threaded hardware (jackscrews) and tools with the Quick Latching connector system. These Latching Nano-D connectors are ideal for applications requiring secure ultra- miniature connectors.

ECS series robust outdoor housings protect sensitive electronics in indoor and outdoor applications from dust, dirt, and water with IP67 and IP69 protection, and a wide temperature range from -40°C to 100°C. Wall and mast mounting and easy integration of PCBs with a thickness of 1.59 mm and 2.38 mm.

M12 hybrid connectors save time and space by transmitting data and power to the device in a compact design suitable for industrial applications. Up to 100 Mb/s. Currents up to 6 A.




XAVAC Series D-Subminiature feedthroughs for space or industrial vacuum applications are part of the Hermetic connector family for vacuum applications. Both sides contain four threaded mounting holes, an O-ring groove, and fixed female jackscrews so either side can be mounted toward the vacuum.

Filtered Connectors Just Got Easy. EESeal EMI filter inserts are your retrofit and production answer to any filtering issues from the start. EESeal easily fits any size connector, can be installed using your fingertip in seconds, and will survive extreme environmental abuse.

The TE DBAS 9 connector is one of the best solutions for high performance and withstanding extreme shock, vibration, and high temperatures. It is perfect for applications that include umbilical connectors for missiles, rockets, and satellite launches, where lanyard quick release or rack and panel mating is required.




Waterproof Marine Grade IEC appliance inlet type 4761 paired with the rewireable cord connector type 4762 is ideal for use in harsh outdoor environments. The set has a push/pull locking system rated IP67. Accessory covers provide IP69K when not connected. Rated 10A/15A at 250 VAC to IEC/UL&CSA.

The NXS system with Hypertac hyperboloid contact technology withstands data rate application up to 10 Gb/s (per channel) requirements, including extreme levels of vibration, shock, and climatic testing above 2100 G. The NXS Series is designed in a robust construction with 4 or 12 high speed quadrax (dual-twinax) modules.

The Intercompact Series, optimized and qualified for next generation ECUs, is an innovative solution for PCB-to-PCB and floating mounting rack and panel applications in signal and Ethernet versions. It is designed for rail and industrial environments, and is suitable for other demanding markets such as defense and space.


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