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in order to gain a better understanding of the product and supplier needs and pass on valuable instructions. The suppliers’ technical teams must be involved at an early stage of the project. In addition, they need a clear vision of the connector’s requirements and lead prototype production. 3. Solid knowledge of connectors and electrical contacts The best contacts collaborators have a deep technical understanding of PCB and connector designs, whether they be RF connectors (coax, twinax, triax, quadrax, octoax), fiber optics, circular, rectangular, and triangular, ARINC 400 & 600, D-Sub, micro-D, or nano-D. The best producer must be capable of processing all types of parts (e.g., pin and socket, bent, multi angles, extreme small size) to meet specific needs. This expertise can be reflected in the mastery of socket production, including slots repositioning. Search for a partner who is familiar with production of complex parts. To address smart connectivity specifications, a contact supplier must also be an expert in dealing with, long and thin contacts with small diameters, along with being able to co-design and manufacture miniature contacts as devices get smaller. This in-depth knowledge of both connectors and contacts is necessary for perfect positioning and smooth assembly, taking into consideration mating and unmating cycles in addition to power transmission.

the design, production, and assembly of contacts, contact suppliers should understand some of the challenges connector providers and OEMs face throughout the life cycle of connected devices.

Double bended socket with PCB tail termination by Lemco Précision.

The contact production procedure must be adaptable to different technologies. For instance, screw-machining, cutting clips, or cold heading may best serve a particular design. This versatility is important, as suppliers that can treat all types of pieces can provide a more custom solution to

4. Versatility, innovation, and solutions In addition to addressing the issues related to


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