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and minimum weight and length inspections, must be in place at every step of the process. In addition to human verification, automated controls (i.e., camera inspection with two cameras in cascade, especially for checking symmetrical parts) help support the target of zero faults. These checks must cover not only the manufactured parts but also their integration into an external support, for example, testing with customer cables. Avoid suppliers who outsource operations, as they cannot guarantee a high level of security and quality controls in their partners’ workshop.

Master the production chain and keep control on all components’ traceability.

High performance and cost-efficiency Too often, connector providers and OEMs will sacrifice the quality of their components for lower costs. However, now some contacts suppliers can help reduce the overall costs of production without compromising high quality and performance. One solution is to reduce the amount of gold used; selective plating is one way to maintain high quality without exceeding the budget. 6. All-in-one: vertical production plus all ancillary essential services For better results, connector manufacturers may use contact producers that can apply vertical production, although very few exist. These suppliers can execute all production steps, from co-designing to final production. This includes conducting all activities such as retrofitting, screw- machining, secondary-operations machining even on complex operations (notably on extremely small sizes), bending, partial annealing, plating, assembly, color coding, surface treatment, 100% forces control, and more. Bringing together in one place all the trades involved in bar turning is essential for optimum production. In addition to engineers, the company should have technicians with solid knowledge beyond machining, i.e., reparameterization of machines to upgrade a system for better performance. A full-service contact manufacturer offers OEMs and connector suppliers a great advantage, as centralizing design and production eliminates

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