Smart Connectivity, Connected Infrastructure, & the…

In our Fall 2022 eBook, Smart Connectivity, Connected Infrastructure, and the Internet of Things, industry experts explore the role interconnects play in the vast array of connected technology. Connected devices are part of all areas of life, from consumer gadgets to industry technology to medical equipment, transportation, and more, and connectors are a vital component in ensuring that data is transmitted quickly, reliably, and accurately. Learn about selecting the right connectivity solutions for smart devices and related technology, and about some unique ways connectors are aiding smart connectivity applications. In addition, this eBook features a selection of more than 20 relevant connectivity products designed for our connected world. Contributors include Amphenol Communications Solutions, Avnet, binder USA, Carlisle Interconnect Technologies, HARTING, Heilind, Hirose Electric, I-PEX, JPC Connectivity, Lemco Précision SA, METZ CONNECT, Mouser Electronics, Smiths Interconnect, Times Microwave Systems, and Wearin’ (Fischer Connectors). Please enjoy this edition, the last of three 2022 eBooks. Our next eBook, Harsh Environment / Remote Locations, will look into the challenges of connectivity in severe environments, specifically in locations that are difficult, dangerous, or cost prohibitive to reach. In the meantime, please subscribe to our weekly e-newsletters, follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, and check out our eBook archives for more applicable, expert-informed connectivity content. SMART CONNECTIVITY, CONNECTED INFRASTRUCTURE, AND THE INTERNET OF THINGS

John Bishop

Managing Director

Managing Editor Amy Goetzman

Associate Managing Editor AJ Born

Creative Director Raine Arzola


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