Smart Connectivity, Connected Infrastructure, & the…

use of diverse data and deliver exactly the information that is needed. • Cloud management: Securely send, store, and manage data in the cloud. • Web & Android apps: Develop or source the tools to visualize the situation. • Hardware & firmware: Design electronics and develop embedded software.

organizations combined intelligence and a holistic view by leveraging all types of data from different sources. The unique combination of technological ingenuity, AI, and modularity found in the best connected-human solutions enhances critical decision making, protects individual workers’ safety and their data, while improving the coordination of operations and responses – immediately and in the longer term.

Taking a unified, “connectivity-by-design” approach is recommended, since it gives users, teams, and

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Editor’s Note: Wearin’ and Fischer Connectors are brands of the Conextivity Group. Wearin’ is an end product user of connectors.


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