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The M8 Hybrid solution standardizes the transmission of Ethernet over only one pair of copper wires and provides power transmission over a separate wire pair. Data transmission is possible up to 1Gb/s, and power supply up to 400W. 10Mb/s speed transmission distances up to 1,000 meters are also possible.

NCC offers high protection levels for applications with restricted space. The Series 670 are 5-pin subminiature connectors with a bayonet closure and a cable bushing from 3.5 to 5.0 mm. The NCC connectors are completely protected against water, dirt, and penetration by foreign objects when not connected.

M12 L-Code, Series 823 , is used in power applications for industrial automation. The M12 L-code offers a miniaturized solution for IEC standards using 24V power supply systems for PROFINET devices. The IP67 rating makes it an ideal fit for harsh environments.




CoreHC is a high-performance multi- port interconnect system for high- density boards that enables reduced trace lengths and higher signal integrity. Offering up to 4x higher available bandwidth for signals in the same real estate as SMA connectors with a typical crosstalk of -50 dB or less.

Wearin’s IoT solution enhances high- risk work environments with real-time insights from user-generated field data: modular sensor ecosystem; AI- powered plaform generating alarms, actions, and recommendations; cloud-based dashboards for remote monitoring, coordination, and decision-making; smartphone app.

Wearin’s lightweight, plug-and-play sensors integrated into the gear provide an easy, comfortable, hands- free experience. A lightweight hub powers all sensors and devices for a full day and sends sensor data securely to the cloud. Tailored to customer organizations’ safety and collaboration typologies and requirements.




T1 Industrial is the standard mating face for Industrial Single Pair Ethernet. The reduction of copper wires makes SPE an economically viable solution for devices on an industrial network and reduces overall weight. 60VDC voltage rating, 1,000 mating cycles, IP20 rating, and -40 °C to +85 °C operating temperature range.

The ix Industrial miniaturized 4 to 8 wire Ethernet is 75% smaller and more robust than a standard RJ45. It uses the same Cat. 6, 8-wire Ethernet cable, making ix Industrial backwards compatible with the RJ45, so it can be used to miniaturize a device while maintaining compatibility with devices that use an RJ45.

TE Connectivity offers a complete antenna portfolio to solve complex wireless connectivity requirements. The broad range of antennas covers compact, efficient, and rugged solutions that address multiple frequency bands for global coverage.


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