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attains a high-quality plug-in connection to the backplane for the failsafe performance of the unit. Standardized industrial backplane connectors with a wide operating temperature range and conformance to IEC and DIN safety norms are ideal contenders for this type of connection. Yet another application of interest concerns harsh environments, like oil rigs, that are off limits to humans. IoT allows maintenance of the rig machines to be predictive and fully automated with the help of edge computing. Processing at the edge helps bring down latencies and deliver split- second alerts based on predictive data that can save lives as well as millions of dollars in revenue by averting dangers like oil spills or explosions. Single Board Computers and Industrial PCs deployed at the edge process, filter, and analyze real-time data

insights. The notion of a billion devices being able to operate over-the-air in low-power mode for years is rather hyped up, for they are not standalone entities. To operate wirelessly, they need background equipment, connectors, and associated wiring. One such example is a lighting solution that makes use of wire-to-wire connectors like the Amphenol FLH Series, fully compliant with Zhaga standards for maximum safety and efficiency. Take the case of a smart utility grid, where fault monitoring and load management are handled by an array of IEDs like Bay Control Units, Phase Measurement Units, and Numerical Protection Units. Inside a typical IED cabinet, various interface modules are plugged into a common PCB backplane. It is essential that each module board

aggregated by sensors and devices. IPCs contain high-end GPU or TPU cards for AI training and inference. As these versatile devices can double up as network gateways for multiple protocol conversion and routing, they come with communication cards as well. Considering the huge compute bandwidth involved, the

Fiber Optic Terminal Equipment used in Smart Grid (left) and Building Access Door Controller (right) use standard industrial backplane connectors like Hardmetric 2mm and DIN 41612 to make backplane to daughterboard connections.

cards are serviced by standardized PCI Express card edge connectors tuned to PCIe Gen 4/5 data


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