Smart Connectivity, Connected Infrastructure, & the…

PCIe 16x and 4x slots found in a smart grid substation automation computer.

0.6 mm Mini Cool Edge (left) vs.1.0 mm standard PCIe.

rates of up to 32 Gb/s. The connectors are also customizable on pitch size. For example, 0.6 mm pitch proprietary solutions like the Amphenol Mini Cool Edge performs to PCIe Gen 5 specifications in a much smaller form factor than standard 1 mm PCIe. Single Board Computers are miniature IPCs that also pack their share of PCIe compute through mPCIe or M.2 PCIe slots. More and more devices are joining the IoT fleet, with 25 billion active connections expected by 2025, up from around 14 billion in 2022 with a massive 133% CAGR growth according to IoT Analytics.

With this, comes the added responsibility of safety, security, reliability, and foolproof performance. Tracking the IoT trail from the sensor to the cloud makes us see the rugged and reliable backend connections designed for these challenges, like the Zhaga/DALI interconnects. Instead of the wired giving way to the wireless, the former will expand considerably as a support medium for the latter, fortifying the IoT trail.

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