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Connecting multiple sensors enables real-time updates, allowing data-driven responses to changing conditions. For example, M8 connectors are used in smart greenhouses to connect the network of sensors that prompt adjustments in irrigation, lighting, temperature, and spraying that is critical to these sensitive microclimates. They are also used in the remote monitoring systems that measure indoor CO2, humidity, soil moisture, soil pH, and air pressure. In addition to greenhouse applications, M8 connectors are ideal for chemical control, disease prevention, crop monitoring, irrigation control, and supply chain traceability. M8 FEATURES AND OPTIONS Finding the best M8 connector for an application requires the right combination of variations, such as pin number, housing, or IP level of protection. M8 connectors are available with 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, or 12 pins. The ideal pin count depends on the application. Most M8 sensor and power applications use 3 to 12 pins, whereas PROFINET and Ethernet use only 4. M8 connectors are extremely versatile and can be further customized by selecting other options such as: • Gender: male, female, male/female • Termination style: screw, solder, wired, PCB, or IDT (Insulation Displacement Termination) • Housing material: plastic, metal, or stainless steel • Contact plating material: Au (gold) • Degree of protection: IP67, IP68, or IP69K • Cable jacket: PUR or PVC

• Connector Type: Panel mounted, cordset, or field attachable

• Rated voltage: 30V – 60V • Rated current: 1A – 4A

M8-D CONNECTORS: THE RIGHT CHOICE FOR DATA TRANSMISSION APPLICATIONS The M8 D-code, or M8-D, is ideal for smart farming applications where fast, reliable data transmission between devices is critical. This connector provides a cost-efficient way to connect miniaturized sensors in Ethernet networks. The M8-D is easily adaptable to a wide variety of applications, meeting data transmission requirements while taking up minimal space. M8-D connectors deliver data rates of up to 100 Mb/s in almost a third less space than M12 connectors, making them the better choice for applications that use miniaturized sensors, such as: • Seeding and planting • Surveying • Vehicle and machinery control • Harvesting • Chemical control and disease prevention • Crop monitoring • Irrigation control • Soil management • Air pressure measurement and regulation in greenhouses M8-D FEATURES AND OPTIONS The M8-D is available with 4 pins, the ideal pin count for most data transmission applications using PROFINET and Ethernet IP Protocols, and Power over Ethernet (PoE and PoE+) technology.


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