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LOOKING FORWARD: THE FUTURE OF SMART FARMING Global challenges such as extreme weather, fluctuating labor costs, overpopulation, and the resulting hunger crises can be mitigated through smart farming practices. There is tremendous potential to positively impact agriculture worldwide. Reaching that potential will require reliable connections between hardware, software, sensors, data analytics, and wireless technologies. M8 and M8-D connectors will play an important role in building the robust IoT networks that are the foundation of smart farming.

binder field-attachable, shieldable M8-D connectors with IP67 level of protection when mated. (Image credit: binder USA)

The connector choice for a specific application can be further customized by selecting options such as: • Gender: male, female, male/female, male/male • Termination style: screw, wired, or PCB • Housing material: metal • Contact plating material: Au (gold) • Degree of protection: IP67 • Cable jacket: PUR or TPE • Data rate: Up to 100 Mbit/s • Rated voltage: 63 V(DC). Rated surge voltage: 1500 V

Drone taking high-resolution photos for crop analysis. (Image credit: Adobe Stock)

• Rated current: 4 A • Mating cycles: >100

To learn more, visit binder USA.

Data transmission up to 100 Mbit/s

Ethernet applications and Profinet surroun- dings Future-proof network PoE+ IP67 in mated condition


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