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safety vest may integrate plug-and-play rugged connectors for numerous devices, like noise, gas, or posture sensors; a retractable smartphone or tablet with apps to leverage data and alarms; a lightweight in-garment hub to centralize data and power, optimize their management, and send data to the cloud; in-garment power and data cables; a bi-directional SOS button; and a single, central, in-garment battery to power all devices for up to 12 hours. Unified identification means users are automatically associated with the sensors they carry. Unified data connectivity means that data are cached and high-priority data are transmitted first. Unified privacy means that data privacy is uniform, scalable, and easy to understand.

State-of-the-art wearable solutions must address known pain points to, among other things, dramatically reduce the number of injuries per year, reduce or prevent errors, and provide real- time insights to drive accurate decision-making for immediate response and long-term improvements. To do this, they need to keep humans at the center and link up the two worlds of infrastructure and people. This can be done by setting up a modular physical platform with integrated sensors worn by workers; collecting and transmitting data to a digital platform in the cloud; using an AI-powered platform that generates alarms, actions, and recommendations; using cloud-based dashboards for remote monitoring, coordination, and decision- making; enabling workers to interact with both platforms via a smartphone app. In cash transport operations, for example, human- connectivity solutions can combine a digital picture of a driver and his/her vital signs with those of vehicles and operations in real time, giving context to the data collected and prescribing intelligent AI- based actions. By constantly monitoring a vehicle’s position, a driver’s stress levels, and any abnormal driving, an imminent attack can be detected. In this situation, an automatic live audio/video feed and alarms are triggered, and support is sent or vehicles are swiftly re-routed. The solution acts as a deterrent for attackers, as well as for inside accomplices. It can increase buy-in from employees and employers, and lower insurance premiums. As a bonus, all data is stored and available for debriefing, reports, and training. DATA PRIVACY AND SECURITY Data privacy and high-level security are critical across all industries. Ideally, each sensor should

Wearable IoT-enabled sensors increase situational awareness, saving lives, protecting health, and improving performance. During the 48-hour full-scale disaster exercise Domino FSX organized in May 2022 in France, firefighters from Austria and Belgium wore Wearin’s smart vest with integrated biometric sensors and various alert systems such as gas and fall detection. Shown here: A firefighter from the Belgian Civil Protection’s RNBC Section during the gas-leak exercise.


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