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Wearin’s solution comprises two scalable platforms, one physical and one digital, which communicate with each other in real time via a two-way channel. This unified, human-centered approach generates smart, real-time insights by capturing and leveraging user sensor data.

have three configurable levels of privacy. In the first level, some personal data remain on the worker’s equipment and are used only to generate alarms and protective actions to increase the individual’s safety. In the second level, some data are available to the control room and used only to generate alarms and trigger protective actions. In the third level, some data are freely available in the back end, e.g., alarms raised by the worker or levels of dangerous gas. Different regional privacy regulations and concerns, such as GDPR in Europe, also need to be accommodated easily.

USE CASE: DOMINO FSX 2022 Connected-human technologies were put to the test during the European Domino FSX civil protection exercise in May 2022. This exercise was organized in the region of Martigues, southern France, by the French Ministry of the Interior and involving the civil protection authorities of France, Germany, Austria, Belgium, and Spain, plus the Entente VALABRE. The event mobilized 1,000 persons at local, national, and European levels over 48 hours to assess both technologies and the entire operational chain of command for first responders in the event of full- scale (FSX) disasters.

Wearin’s solution can be easily integrated into existing digital platforms, such as Airbus SLC’s Tactilon Agent dashboard. Wearin’ uses proprietary algorithms to process data generated by agents. Shown here: monitoring and situational awareness dashboards in the background at the Airbus stand, World Police Summit in Dubai, March 2022.

Wearin’s technical team in the field during the civil protection simulation exercise Domino FSX 2022. Night view: Phong Pham, business development manager (left), and François Aubaniac, sales and business development director.


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