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Devices can operate more efficiently when they are connected to the cloud and network.

demand higher power connectivity to support power supplies and batteries. AGVs and AMRs also utilize integrated manipulators so that the vehicles can perform simple intervention tasks without the need of an operator. Miniaturized connectors, like the DF62W and DF63W from Hirose, are optimized for small spaces due to their unique grid-like contact design, and the DF60 is one of smallest solutions that can handle an 8AWG wire and 60A of current. For vehicles operating in outdoor and environments susceptible to shock, vibration, liquids, and temperature extremes, assuring reliable and sustainable operation is vital. Board- to-board floating connectors can combine 140 °C heat resistance with superior vibration resistance. FX26 series connector absorb misalignment by supporting a floating range of ±0.7 mm in the XY direction and ±0.75 mm in the Z direction. Sensors Requiring high-speed data throughput, sensors are connected to equipment to gather valuable data. For example, rugged vibration sensors mounted on critical rotating equipment can monitor changes in frequencies that indicate when equipment is likely to fail. Vibration sensors offer predictive maintenance data used to minimize

CHALLENGES OF CONNECTED DEVICE DESIGN Achieving a space-saving design that satisfies higher functionality requirements is one of many common Industry 4.0 design challenges. Here are some examples of potential solutions for smart factories: Robotic Arms Robotic arms complete repetitive and precise tasks that enable more dynamic manufacturing environments. Designers are looking to downsize industrial robots, incorporate adjustable high- spec hands, and enhance autonomous operations. Robotic arms typically have limited design flexibility due to narrow spaces. Slim in-line connectors, like the DF62 Series from Hirose, can accommodate space-constraints and pass smoothly in narrow spaces. In addition, slim in-line connectors enable robotic arms to use sensors in the robotic hand for advanced machine vision. AGV/AMR Automatically guided vehicles and autonomous mobile robots also have miniaturization requirements. In addition, AGVs and AMRs


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