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costs and manufacturing downtime by allowing OEMs to properly prepare for repairs.

As the number of sensors, cameras, radar, lidars, RF modules, and other electronic components increase in smaller devices, the amount of noise also escalates. This negatively impacts the ability to achieve strong signal integrity. Shielded, noise-resistant connectors are vital and allow for faster data transmission to support AI and IoT applications that require upwards of 10 Gb/s. As industrial automation systems continue to expand in complexity and sophistication, so do the demands of connectivity solutions. The importance of reliable communication and data exchange between industrial systems is paramount to an optimized smart factory. Connectors that combine miniaturization with high-speed or high-power capabilities are highly coveted to meet Industry 4.0 device application demands. Innovative connector solutions from manufacturers like Hirose offer design flexibility to facilitate size reduction of industrial 4.0 machinery such as robotic arms, AGVs/AMRs, and other applications utilizing smart sensors.

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