Connectors on the Move

metal, they must be highly corrosion-resistant, especially in areas where they will be exposed to salt. To comply with all relevant railway standards, connectors must also have an IP65 rating or higher. Additionally, low-fire-hazard properties such as flame retardancy, low smoke emissions, low toxicity, and halogen-free materials are required, along with compliance with RoHS regulations. By meeting these requirements, MIL-DTL-5015 and MIL-DTL-26482 connectors can provide reliable and safe operation for the critical systems used in rolling stock applications. As electrification moves into rail environments, new technologies are being developed to support the demand for high data transmission speeds and more robust connectivity. Integrating IoT sensors and real-time data analytics will improve operational efficiency and the passenger experience. SurLok Plus compression lugs from Amphenol are an ideal solution in the mass transit and electrification market to support these ever- growing demands. With an impressive IP67 rating, these lugs are environmentally sealed, touch-proof, and RoHS compliant, ensuring optimal safety and reliability in harsh conditions. The integral latching system further enhances the electrical and mechanical

connection, while the lugs are available in ratings of up to 350A. Thanks to their compact and robust design, SurLok Plus compression lugs provide a space-saving and durable solution for high-power applications in the transit and electrification industry.

SurLok Plus compression lugs from Amphenol feature the latest R4 RADSOK contact technology.

COMMERCIAL VEHICLES Connectors play a critical role in many sub-systems within mass transit buses, delivery vehicles, and truck applications, including battery connections, power distribution, charging systems, lift gates, and auxiliary power units. Like rail transportation,


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