Connectors on the Move

Archer Kontrol interconnects can withstand 20G vibrations, 50G shocks, and temperatures from -55 °C all the way up to 125 °C. Stacking heights from 8 mm to 20 mm can be sourced. Off-the- shelf cable assemblies (measuring 150 mm or 300 mm in length) can be provided. Harwin also offers custom cabling solutions to fit with more specific requirements. Finally, the unit pricing of these interconnects means that they are a cost-effective option for automotive OEMs. The safe and efficient ongoing operation of EV battery packs calls for access to detailed parametric data. This means that suitable interconnect hardware is needed by BMS implementations. Such interconnects must be made from heavy-duty materials, while also having superior performance capabilities. Looking ahead, expectations for accelerated data rates and smaller-size formats are likely. Furthermore, pin counts are only going to keep getting higher, as the cell densities in battery packs continue to increase.

provide sufficient channels for transferring BMS data. They can deliver data rates reaching 3 Gb/s (keeping them aligned with the sort of speeds that Ethernet networking within the rest of the vehicle will be running at). Archer Kontrol contacts are made from a phosphor bronze alloy that has a gold/tin finish applied to provide an optimal combination of conductivity and durability. They each have a 1.25A current rating.

Harwin’s Archer Kontrol connectors meet the contact density and data rate expectations of modern BMS deployments.

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