Connectors on the Move

while it is on the move, using coils under the asphalt to transfer energy to receivers on the vehicle. On the world’s first electrified road, outside Stockholm, Sweden, energy is transferred from two tracks of rail in the road via a movable arm attached to the bottom of a vehicle, recharging it efficiently. The public demand for EVs is greater than ever, along with demand for the new charging technology needed to support them. That’s why TTI is making such a significant commitment to its future in EVs, offering the broadest and widest variety of electronic components, powertrain units, charging stations, and more for the exciting road ahead in this fast-paced industry.

ELECTRIFIED ROADS Work has already begun on inductive charging technology that enables a vehicle to be charged Vehicles can be charged while on the move using coils under the asphalt to transfer energy to the receivers on the vehicle.

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