Connectors on the Move

and a recent study by UC Berkeley found that DC fast charging point users in California experienced numerous hardware and software reliability issues. Fifty-three percent of respondents contacted the customer service departments of charge point operators to complain about everything from charging leads being too short to faulty touch screens. Even so, the ratio of charge points to EVs is going in the wrong direction, as sales of EVs have outpaced expectations in recent years. Despite concerns, little evidence exists that DC fast charging causes any measurable problems. Charge point reliability is improving as installers and operadtors move along the learning curve of these relatively new technologies, and measuring simple car-to-charge point ratios does not give a complete picture of fast-charger availability. The more important issue here is utilization. A Q3/2021

analyst report from EVAdoption, revealed that for Electrify America’s DC fast chargers in Californian highways and urban locations, utilization stood at just 4.8% in Q3 2021 – which doesn’t suggest that regular traffic jams at charging stations are going to happen any time soon. ADDITIONAL AVNET ARTICLES ON EV CHARGING: Using a proven silicon carbide solution to get a head start on fast EV charger designs

Load balancing in the EV charging infrastructure

Designing ultra-rapid DC EV chargers

Defining security for the EV charging infrastructure

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