Connectors on the Move

One Action connector greatly simplifies the mating process and reduces the average mating time to one second or less. For high volume production by trained operators, this simplified process saves both time and money. Finally, the contactless mating process of the One Action connector lends itself to the possibility of robotic assembly. A robotic arm can grab the flex and insert it into the One Action connector without the need for human hands. Automotive infotainment systems are becoming more advanced and feature-rich, with a wide range of new functions providing a more connected and personalized driving experience. Automotive infotainment systems require a variety of connectors to meet application requirements within the system. Engineers must choose the right connector type for each application based on factors such as data transmission speed, voltage and current requirements, space limitations, and environmental conditions. Ease of design and assembly are also vital factors. Connectors of all types are undergoing a design evolution to become smaller, more durable, and easier to assemble to meet the demands of the next generation of complex vehicles.

closed, and mating operation is completed without the need to open the latch.

For example, the One Action FH63S Series offers a great option for ease of mating in space constrained infotainment display designs. Tight spaces provide no access to reach into the actuator and complete the mating procedure using flip lock ZIF connectors. The One Action lock will allow mating in these tight spaces because the latch does not need to be opened. One Action connectors are also more efficient. On average, the mating time is about three seconds for a typical front flip style lock connector. The typical back flip style lock connector improves the average mating time to about two seconds. The Within instrument cluster and infotainment systems, the FH63S supports specific demands like high temperatures, vibration requirements, and tight space requirements.

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