Connectors on the Move

Overmolded cordsets can be a plug-and-play connectivity alternative that supports simplified maintenance and increased production uptime without requiring field assembly, soldering, and wiring. Heavy-duty rectangular connectors are also regularly used in welding processes. Painting and Coating The painting stage involves coating the vehicle body and its components using equipment like robotic paint sprayers, paint booths, and curing ovens — all of which must withstand high temperatures, humidity, and harsh chemicals. These processes can be equipped with automated systems that support sustainability and reduce the need for manual intervention, minimizing operational risk. For example, engineers can incorporate automatic paint-mixing systems that optimize paint usage and reduce waste. Painting equipment can also be designed to use less energy during standby periods and to incorporate energy-reducing technologies during active periods. Energy-efficient lighting systems in paint booths can also reduce power consumption and improve visibility.

To ensure reliable electrical connections at this stage, engineers should select connectors that are resistant to chemicals and solvents, such as IP67- rated circular connectors, fiber optic connectors, and coaxial connectors. Waterproof and corrosion- resistant circular connectors are used to provide a stable, consistent connection. Assembly The final step is where all the various parts consolidate to form the finished product. This involves assembling various components, including the engine, transmission, suspension, and electrical systems. To improve sustainability, engineers are incorporating technologies, like RFID tracking systems, that improve inventory management and reduce waste. They are also using regenerative braking systems in conveyor belts to recover energy and limit power consumption. Assembly requires connectors that suit a wide range of applications, from low-power signals to high-power motors. For example, robotic arms, conveyors, and other assembly-line equipment require connectors that withstand high vibration, high currents, and high mechanical stress. Modularity is deeply embedded in robotics, as these applications often require components that smoothly connect or disconnect. However, to ensure reliable electrical connections at this stage, engineers should use connectors resistant to vibration and shock, such as heavy-duty circular connectors, M8 and M12 connectors, and rectangular connectors with thermoplastic housing.

The HARTING Han-Modular Series of industrial connectors provides a space-saving, low-maintenance, and flexible solution for a wide range of harsh-condition applications, from sensitive signals to high power connections, with the benefit of futureproofing through placeholder modules.

Implementing for specific applications is crucial to ensure safe, the right connectors


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