Connectors on the Move

Figure 3 - Example of a stamped and machined contact

Figure 4 - EDAC is IATF 16949 certified for stamped parts including contacts or terminals

In addition to terminals or contacts being assembled into a connector, thicker standalone terminals also exist. These can be found near the engine and other high vibration locations. The larger size of these terminals allows for higher power transmissions and more resistance to vibration when installed within the vehicles. EXPERIENCE MATTERS For any connector, an experienced connector manufacturer is critical for bringing a concept

to reality, especially in transport vehicles where multiple factors impact the applications. Leveraging this experience helps when choosing which connector to use, whether it’s a standard, a standard with minor variations (with minimal or no costs associated), or a full custom solution to meet the application requirements. Without proper experience, products are more likely to fail or require a costly redesign.

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