Connectors on the Move

HIGH-TEMPERATURE TOLERANCE Connectors used in automotive and transportation applications are often exposed to high-temperature conditions, especially in the engine compartment or near exhaust systems. Connectors specified for these extreme-condition areas must demonstrate high-temperature tolerance.

position assurance are examples of design features that produce secure connections. Connectors with high durability performance help ensure that there is no loss of signal or interruption of power, which could lead to a malfunction or failure of essential operations.

INGRESS PROTECTION Another crucial requirement for connectors used in automotive and transportation applications is ingress protection. Vehicles and transportation applications are exposed to a range of environmental conditions, including dust, rain, moisture, and humidity, which will damage connectors and result in the failure of critical systems. Connectors with effective ingress protection help ensure that systems function reliably even in harsh environments. Amphenol LTW ZConnect low-profile LV214-Compliant (VW75174) connectors feature a CPA (connector position assurance) lock with audible feedback and support hot plugging with various termination styles.

EMI RESISTANCE Modern in-vehicle communication systems must implement electrified and digital controls that meet EMI (electromagnetic interference) resistance requirements. EMI can disrupt signals in wires and systems that are in proximity to one The new Amphenol LTW Automotive Over-pressure Relief Vent Series is engineered to enable rapid pressure release when battery pack thermal runaway occurs. Available in various form factors with hydrophobic and oleophobic membranes, they are ideal for withstanding outdoor applications or harsh environments.


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