Connectors on the Move

CAN BUS CONNECTORS Some connector types are designed to be compatible with J1939 communication requirements for use with the Controller Area Network (CAN) technology that is found in many of today’s specialty vehicles. Leading CAN Bus connectors like Amphenol Sine’s AT Series, AHD Series Data Connectors, and Trombetta’s line of Sealed CAN Bus Splitters all contain integrated resistors that ensure the proper flow of signal and current in CAN Bus systems.

Amphenol Sine’s AT Series (left) and AHD Series Data Connectors

A 6-Place Splitter with Gold Pins, one of several CAN bus connectors from Trombetta (above left). Gold pins are ideal for J1939 communication lines. Trombetta’s Right Angle CAN Bus Splitter (above right), features a flexible right-angle mounting option to minimize bending of wires. Trombetta splitters enable the breaking out of CAN signals via one connector, reducing the need for multiple plugs, wires, and harnesses.


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