Connectors on the Move

that are easy to identify, grip, and disconnect, can help prevent accidents and injuries in high- pressure situations. STRAIN RELIEF, LOCKING MECHANISMS, TPA, AND CPA Heavy-duty connectors come in a variety of options that provide added safety and convenience. Look for features such as strain relief, which consists of an extended housing to prevent wire from bending at the point where it meets the terminal, and locking tabs that ensure your connection is secure. Many locking clips can handle an engagement force of 50 pounds or higher. Terminal Position Assurance (TPA) and Connector Position Assurance (CPA) are also available inside many connectors to provide an added measure of strain relief and protection for wires inside the connector.

The locking tabs of an Amphenol Sine Systems 12-Way ATM Connector plug can handle an engagement force of up to 89 pounds.

An Aptiv hybrid connector with a red-colored connector position assurance (CPA) mechanism.

An example of strain relief in the extended housing of an Amphenol Sine Systems AT Series connector.


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