Connectors on the Move

CONNECTORS WITH BUILT-IN LEDS Manufacturers such as Amphenol Sine Systems offer connectors with built-in LED lights that enable quick identification of connectors in the “on” state for visibility and safety during maintenance and troubleshooting.

A blue connector from Amphenol Sine Systems’ AT colored connector series.

OTHER CONSIDERATIONS When specifying connectors for semi-trucks, work trucks, and emergency, fire, and police vehicles, take advantage of connectors with high circuit density (pin density) to reduce the number of connectors required. Be aware that heavy-duty connectors typically have flammability ratings of either UL94V-2 or 94V-0 which will be critical for heavy-duty applications. Many connectors mentioned in this article also carry high ingress protection ratings (from IP65 up to IP6K9K) to indicate that they are well-protected against dust and liquid intrusion.

CONNECTORS WITH COLORED HOUSINGS Some connectors are available in a variety of colored housings that can serve to designate specific wires and circuits, making it easier for end users and installers to identify what they are working on. An AT Series LED Connector Plug from Amphenol Sine Systems.

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