Connectors on the Move

factors such as voltage, current, temperature, and transmission speed requirements. Electric vehicles require high and low voltage connectors. Know the industry requirements. Adherence to safety and environmental requirements is non- negotiable. Engineers should consult the latest industry requirements, including: • ISO 26262: This international standard outlines functional safety requirements for automotive components, including electrical connectors. It defines the safety requirements for the entire vehicle lifecycle, from design to decommissioning, and ensures that the connectors meet the required safety integrity levels (SIL). • SAE J1772: This North American standard outlines the requirements for electric vehicle conductive charging systems and specifies the connector and communication protocol used for EV charging. It defines the charging connector interface, electrical ratings, and communication protocol between the vehicle and the charging station.

resistance to minimize power losses, and heat dissipation should be optimized to prevent overheating. • Safety requirements: Safety is a top priority in the design of all vehicles, and connectors used in EVs must meet stringent safety standards. For example, connectors used in the battery system must be able to withstand high levels of shock and vibration and must be designed to prevent accidental disconnection. • Compatibility: The connectors used in an EV must be compatible with other components in the system and those used in other EVs on the market to facilitate repair and maintenance. The use of standardized connectors helps ensure interoperability. • Reliability and durability: EV connectors need to be high performing to operate in the demanding environment of EV drivetrains, batteries, and charging systems. HOW DESIGN ENGINEERS OVERCOME CONNECTOR SELECTION CHALLENGES Evaluate the requirements. Conduct a thorough analysis of the electrical requirements for each component of the EV. This analysis should include Electric vehicles require a variety of connectors throughout the vehicle, including drivetrain, battery, and charging systems.




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