Connectors on the Move

• UL 2251: This international safety standard for the evaluation of connectors used in electric vehicles covers the performance, construction, and testing of connectors used in an EV’s high- voltage systems. • IEC 61851: This international standard outlines the requirements for conductive charging systems for electric vehicles. It defines the communication protocol, electrical ratings, and performance requirements for EV charging connectors. • UNECE Regulation No. 100: This European regulation defines the uniform provisions concerning the approval of vehicles regarding their electrical powertrain components, including connectors. It covers safety requirements, electromagnetic compatibility, and environmental protection requirements. Perform testing & validation. Evaluate the durability and reliability of connectors under harsh environmental conditions, including shock, vibration, high temperatures, and humidity. Seek out quality and consider the total cost of ownership. Maintenance and replacement costs should be factored into the equation when selecting connectors. Connectors that are reliable and durable may be more expensive upfront but

can save money over the lifetime of the vehicle. Any failure in connectors can lead to system downtime and loss of revenue. The need for quality connection is paramount. Overall, the selection of connectors for EVs is a complex process that requires careful consideration of electrical requirements, safety standards, compatibility, durability, and cost. By following best practices and conducting thorough analysis and testing, engineers can overcome these challenges and select the best connectors for their EV designs. Innovation in connector design is crucial in addressing these challenges. Manufacturers need to continually innovate connector design to meet the rapidly evolving field of EV technologies. Testing and validation of connectors help ensure the quality and performance of connectors. Collaboration among manufacturers, suppliers, and regulatory bodies is crucial in developing effective connector options for electric vehicles. Collaboration can also lead to knowledge sharing, innovation, and cost-saving benefits.

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