Connectors on the Move

In addition, the floating contact system increases reliability by reducing the stress on solder joints caused by misaligned connectors. The floating design also enhances durability by preventing solder cracking.

Floating contacts allow the connector to absorb a degree of misalignment or vibration. KP27F exhibits a floating range of ± 0.8 mm in both the X- and Y-axis direction, as well as ± 0.30 mm tolerance between boards in the Z direction. This floating feature prevents misalignment during board installation and mounting. Because the spring portion of the terminal absorbs assembly errors, it reduces the need for corrective re-work operations. The floating contact system is ideal

Zero Insertion Force Infotainment

designers FPC/FFC connectors primarily to reduce cost and save PCB space. Zero insertion force (ZIF) locks are an choose

The floating design offers a degree of "play" between the contacts during mating and allows the connector to absorb alignment errors and simplify assembly

for densely populated infotainment controller systems that require multiple connectors to be used on the same board.

improvement from conventional low insertion force (LIF) connectors because they are easier to mate and provide a stronger connection. New one action locking connectors come with the latch


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