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chips and components. They can withstand high operating temperatures (+150 °C).

POWER AND SIGNAL LEADFRAMES: RELIABLE CONNECTIONS OF ELECTRONIC AUTOMOTIVE COMPONENTS Connectors are not the only solution to connect PCBs or electronic components in cars. Stamped and overmolded leadframes are key elements in the design and manufacture of many electronic products, particularly in the field of mechatronics. Mechatronics combines mechanics, electronics, automation, and real-time computing. Overmolded leadframes are an efficient and cost- effective solution for connecting electronic or electromechanical components (printed circuit boards) while offering high reliability and increased durability, especially in the automotive, aerospace, or general electronics industries. One of the major advantages of stamped and overmolded leadframes is that they can be manufactured in a wide variety of shapes (2D or 3D) and sizes to meet the specific needs of each electronic application. As vectors for the passage of low and high intensity currents, they ensure the interfacing between internal electronics of the module and external devices which they drive via specific connectors. Encapsulated with a thermoplastic material, they are made of a metal support, usually copper alloy, on which are connected electronic or electromechanical

Stamped and overmolded leadframes offer high reliability and good electrical conductivity due to their metal structure. This structure can be cooled by external devices for high power applications. Plating leadframes improves electrical conduction, optimizes soldering and welding areas, and protects against oxidation. Plating can be complete or selective, whether it is tinning, silvering, gilding, or any other process. When designing leadframes, the strictest requirements are considered: dimensional tolerances, shape tolerances, flatness, mechanical resistance, and thermal management. These same requirements apply to the housing, which is fully involved in the defined solution including geometry or temperature resistance. Overmolded leadframes also offer mechanical protection against shock and vibration, which is generally required when located next to the car engine. The power electronics industry is an important player in the development of power module packaging integrating components such as MOSFETs and IGBTs (GaN or SiC technology). The electrical connections to the components can be made by soldering (electrical or other), crimping, screwing, elastic functions, or with


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